About Us

GOODAT is a management consulting company that strives for customers’ success by providing
effective consulting tools in a simple and effective way. Established in 2016 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. aim to build, improve, enable and support entities in the journey of success, by providing
management services and applying management science.
We create a culture of continuous learning by providing creative basic solutions to help our clients
have a better future and a successful life.
GOODAT established a new brand called GROWATin early 2020 to focus on human/career
development services  

GROWAT: A human development brand that follows GOODAT’s management consulting office.

It includes experts in human and professional development with local and international experience in a number of countries, including:

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  /Egypt /United States of America   /Philippines /Malaysia Taiwan/Kuwait /Canada/Qatar /Turkey/Bulgaria /Nigeria


Our Mission 

In line with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030; In particular, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s Human Capacity development initiative has the honour to provide guidance and human development services to institutions and individuals.

The company develops various programs for the development of human competencies and capabilities on scientific and methodological basis consistent with the requirements of the Arab world as well as in conformity with international standards.

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