Career Management Program

Vocational Planning Development Week Project and Self-Employment Support for Egyptian Youth
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The objective of the programme is:
The project aims to develop young people’s professional planning skills and support youth selfemployment thinking in order to reach the best employment rates and create new jobs through
entrepreneurial initiatives for young people.
The Foundation offers a new model based on the rules of professional advice and internationally
approved guidance and professional development tools
To build young people’s capacities and train them on how to get the right jobs that are compatible
with all
My personal specifications are young people.
On the other hand, the Foundation communicates with the private and business sectors for the
– Develop a mechanism for the development of entrepreneurial thinking and activities in other
– Promoting public sense of the value of self-employment thinking and raising awareness about
the importance of the role of enterprises
small in the national economy.
– Develop a mechanism to monitor the development of entrepreneurial thinking and measure its
– Provide concrete standards that help empower employers within the industrial sector.
– Integration of self-employment thinking into industrial vocational training programmes.
– Identifying current and future business angles.
– Organizing meetings for employers with various authorities concerned with entrepreneurial
– Linking employers to large enterprises.
– Knowledge of employment opportunities available to young people so that a specialized team of
the institution analyses these jobs from
Capabilities and personal specifications and know the types of personalities required for these
jobs in order to reach the best networking process for the job opportunities available from the
This project is applied to two axes:
First axis:
In addition to holding awareness meetings for companies to explain personal patterns and
specifications and how to adapt them to the job opportunities available to young companies.
Second axis:
Training and preparing young people in the process of professional development and planning that
helps them to reach the best career path consistent with their personal and standard
specifications. The Foundation offers a specially developed program for young people to reach this
goal and how to adapt it to employment opportunities.
Program duration: 5 days
Target age group: 18-35 years
Basic elements of the program:
• Introduction to human standard specifications.
• How to analyze these specifications.
• The importance of discovering these specifications in the process of professional
• Develop each human being’s capabilities.
• Self-control and management.
• Professional planning and how to capture appropriate opportunities.
• Labour market requirements and how to comply.
• Recruitment skills.